Fruit Watch 9/28: Damsons, Pluots, Strawberries, Red Raspberries


Each year, we eagerly await the arrival of early Autumn’s damsons, and this year’s crop is particularly delicious! These small plums are famous in England for the richly flavored jam that can be made from them, and we love them both plain and in our Early Girl Tomato & Damson Jam, which ranked among our customer favorites last year. If you have not yet tasted this fabulous jam, spiced with cinnamon and clove, you must try it!

Also this week, we will be cooking off one of our other late-summer favorites: Strawberry-Pluot Jam. This luscious combination of Elephant Heart plums (shown at left), Flavor Grenade pluots, and September strawberries is a delight for all ages! This year’s Elephant Heart crop was particularly good, and the crisp flavor of the Flavor Grenade pluots is their perfect complement. Look for this delicious jam, as well as Rachel’s mother’s seedless red raspberry jam, later in the week. To find out new flavors as we post them, please follow us on Twitter at the link below!