Jam Watch 10/13: Damson and Concord Grape

damson thumbnail low resThe air has just become chillier and the days are getting shorter – and we are having a great time at the Blue Chair Fruit kitchen! This is our favorite time of year for preserving, because the flavors are so rich and there is such a variety of different types of fruits to choose from. At the top of our list this year are Concord grapes and Damsons. Each year, we do something a bit different with these excellent fruits, and this year’s choices are definite winners! For our Concord Grape & Damson Jam, we use mostly grapes, and add a touch of warmth to the jam with some spices and lemon zest. Our plain Damson Jam is yummy, too, and very tart. If you love Fall fruits, these two jams make a stunning pair!