The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook is nearly finished…

Wow – it’s been quite a year! But we are delighted to announce that Rachel’s book is nearly completed. It has been a fabulous and fulfilling process, and we can’t wait to see the first samples from the printer! For all of you who are excited to see Rachel’s book, we will soon be posting some sneak previews on our site, and will also be showing off our new sales blads (booklet-like promo samples) at our farmers’ market stands and at our bi-weekly pop-up market stands. The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook will be released nationally on September 14th. Please stay tuned for more news on this monumental work on jam and marmalade!


  1. Toni Remington

    I’m excited about the upcoming publication, too, since I’ve seen photos for quite a while now. Can’t wait to see the entire book! P.S. I’m Sara Remington’s mom.

  2. Hi Toni! I absolutely adore Sara; we had so much fun working together, and I feel she is now a vital part of the Blue Chair team! Can’t wait to hopefully meet you someday soon!

  3. Claudine Joly-King

    I feel as though I am intruding in a private conversation here, but maybe you will forgive me.

    I am French and your demonstration of the recipe ofor the tomato marmelade on Martha’s show last week reminded me of my mother and her huge, divinely smeeling, copper jam pot!

    I still treasure my mother’s worn out book printed in 1920 which is full of recipes for jams and marmelades made from citrus fruits, which were plentiful in French Algeria where we lived when I was a child until I was 18. It also contains lots of recipes for jams and jellies made from flowers.

    I would me most happy to share some of them with you!

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