Toast Post

Hello jam fiends. Kate here.

Last week, Rachel came to me in a flurry of excitement. She had just read Molly Wizenberg’s most recent blog post on Orangette, wherein Molly describes her new love of toast. “I love toast!” Rachel said. “I totally understand and agree with everything Molly says in her blog. I love toast. We have to blog about toast.”

A few days have passed, and we all talked excitedly about toast: when we like to eat it, what kind of bread we like, what kind of jam or marmalade is best on toast (a heated debate, as you may well imagine). And, well, Rachel’s been a little bit busy making jam out of thousands of berries every day, so I thought I’d hop in and share our conclusions about toast. It may not be quite as elegant an articulation as Molly’s, but I do think it gives a peek into how fanatical we at Blue Chair are about perfect jam pairings.

Rachel’s favorite: Irish brown bread with English Marmalade is right up there. With strong black tea, of course!

Jamie’s favorite: English muffin (from Arizmendi, or Lori’s at the pop-up market), with lots of butter and East Cost Blueberry Jam. Paired with PG Tips black tea (with honey and milk).

Kate’s favorite: Walnut bread, spread with Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay. A cup of red chai to drink.

Luz’s favorite: Elderberry-Orange Marmalade, with salted butter, on Firebrand bread.

The great toast debate was so much fun that we’re thinking it will be a monthly feature for Blue Chair Fruit. What jam and toast (and, apparently, tea) pairings are your favorite? What should we try?