A quick hello, and very exciting news: Rachel will be talking jam with MARTHA STEWART on The Martha Stewart Show, tomorrow (October 6).

To find your viewing channel and time, please go to The Martha Stewart Show’s website.

We’re so excited we can barely stand it — Rachel especially!

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  1. Hi, imjust wanted to say that I saw you on MS today and you were wonderful. I have watched MS for over 10 years and sometimes she can walk over her guests and you were wonderful. You held your own and seemed to stay true to yourself and your jam (yum). I usually buy all of our jam from a friend but now I want to start making my own (with my four children).
    We live in Mmountain View, close to you and I am looking at your jam class-you really inspired us to start making jam. Not sure if we can all attend the class but, we will drive over to one of the farmers markets in the next 2 weeks. We have already gone out and bought your book and love the combinations of fruits.
    We can’t wait to start- thank you for the segment on ms and the imspiration to start jamming.