Jam and Ice Cream

Guess what? I learned last night that our Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam really takes chocolate ice cream to the next level.

Two words: “Yum. Yum.” The slight tartness of the raspberries really complement each other!

This message brought to you by Kate’s Late Night Jam Adventures.


  1. Hi AK,Joy is thinner and stweeer. Not as juicy and fragrant. Like I told you, I’m simply spoilt and fussy! :DOkay lah, you eat dried mango is better than eating bread with jam. I keep my dried mango indulgence to 1 pack a week. Add up other snacks that I munch on, it’s quite a bit of money. Learning from you to be more frugal. Maybe I shouldn’t bite the mango but nibble on it slowly so 1 pc can last 1 day?!?! :PI know you would respond with this =.=”

  2. Haha, shouldn’t you be charging for that kind of knowledge?!

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