Market Flavors: Oct 16 & 17

How did it get to be October already? And not just October, but MID-October? We’re still cooking up some delicious jams with our favorite summer fruits– mostly damson plums and tomatoes right now — but we know the seasons will inevitably turn to autumn very soon.

Are you sad to see summer go, too? You can savor its bright flavors year-round with the delicious flavors we’re bringing to the farmers’ markets this weekend. We think peach or raspberry jam is the perfect way to reminisce about summer on a brisk autumn morning.

Market Flavors (Grand Lake 10/16, Temescal 10/17): Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Orange Pucker Citron Marmalade, Black Mission Fig Jam, Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Early Summer Peach Jam, Seville Orange Marmalade with Coffee and Cardamom

See you this weekend! Don’t forget, if your heart will break without a certain flavor on this list, you can always ask us to bring it the following week!


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