Aaaand we’re back!

Happy New Year!! We’ve returned from our holiday festivities relaxed, restored… and ready to dive head (and mouth) first into marmalade season! Rumor has it that our first round of citrus is coming our way this week — oranges and kumquats, yum.

As we all bravely move forward through the coldest months of the year, Blue Chair Fruit would like to offer something that helps lighten the dreariest days: two newly released jam and marmalade flavors made at the height of summer!

Our Early Summer Peach Marmalade is a perennial favorite — clingstone peaches, thinly sliced lemon, and just a touch of almond extract combine to produce a heavenly marmalade. We think the light, sweet flavor of this marmalade, along with its delicate texture, will convert anyone who is late to the marmalade loving club. We like to spread this on our toast in the morning, close our eyes, and pretend it’s the beginning of summer.

For the jam contingent, we present our July Red Nectarine Jam with Candied Ginger. The flavor of this jam is unparalleled: sweet and bright, and full of what Rachel pronounced “the best nectarines she’d ever tasted.” We’ve added tiny pieces of candied ginger to this jam — scattered bites offer the warm bite of ginger to truly emulate the warmth of summer sun. With its smooth, luscious texture, this jam is perfect for just about anything: yogurt, pastries, scones…

Stay tuned as we crank out our favorite winter marmalades: lemon, orange, grapefruit, kumquat, bergamot…


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