Bergamot Marmalade

Hi everyone! It’s Kate. I want to share with you why I’m so excited that Bergamot Marmalade is available again, and how it’s taken my morning tea-time ritual from so-so to ecstasy-inducing.

If you have any familiarity with Blue Chair Fruit, you’ll know that we are very serious about two things: making delicious preserves, and tea-time. While I thought I loved tea before BCF, working with Rachel has taken my tea fanaticism to a whole new level. Rachel introduced me to Kusmi Tea, and I am forever indebted to her because of it. While all of Kusmi’s teas — especially their black teas — are simply transcendent, it is their Decaf Earl Grey that currently has me under its spell. I now carve time out of my day for tea; putting water on to boil is the first thing I do in the morning, and I have established an elaborate routine out of making sure my tea is steeped just so.

What does this have to do with marmalade? Simply put, the arrival of our Bergamot Marmalade has taken my tea-time from special to perfect. I’m sure most of you know that bergamot rind gives Earl Grey tea its characteristic flavor: a little floral, a little citrus-y, and very sophisticated. Though in my book there’s nothing like a cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar, there’s really nothing like enjoying said cup to accompany our Bergamot Marmalade.

This marmalade is a sight to behold: a sunny yellow jelly that’s perfectly clear holds within it very thin slices of bergamot. I love that every time I eat this marmalade I think about Jo, Luz and Rachel lovingly slicing these bergamots by hand — the pieces of rind are almost paper thin, and it is that delicateness that makes this marmalade truly special.

I find it simply magical that Rachel has achieved the ideal balance in this marmalade. The light floral perfume of bergamot shines through without becoming overbearing or astringent. While I’m tempted to hoard this flavor all to myself, I want everyone to enjoy this delicacy and find their own marmalade and tea ritual. Alternating between a bite of this marmalade on a buttery scone and a sip of my favorite Earl Grey tea has become my favorite way to escape the chilliness of a cold February morning.

I’m very curious about how marmalade and tea take center stage in the mornings of others. Share a comment about your favorite marmalade ritual — I’m always looking for new ideas!


PS If you’re feeling intrepid and would like to take advantage of bergamot season while it lasts, Bergamot Marmalade is the first recipe in The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook!


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