March Toast Post

Hello, All! Rachel here. We at Blue Chair Fruit have been having a fabulous time this winter season, and this month’s Toast Post selections reflect all of the fun we’ve been having: blood orange and lime picking; picnicking together on oysters, cheese, and chicory salad in Tomales Bay; and sidling up next to a warm mug of tea in the chilly morning hours. For those of you who are new to our blog, the Toast Post is your semi-monthly opportunity to get a peek inside the minds and palates of the BCF Team! Since all five of us love food – and jam and marmalade above all! – we do a monthly showcase of our current favorite toast-and-jam or toast-and-marmalade combos.

Jamie went all-out this past weekend and dove into the kitchen to make some fabulous orange-oat scones from one of her favorite websites, 101 Cookbooks! When asked what jam or marmalade accompanied these delicious morsels of oaty goodness, a huge smile came over her face. “Quince-Cranberry Marmalade” was the happy response. And, as per usual, with her favorite everyday tea: PG Tips!

As for Miss Jo, our beloved Sous Chef, her taste is running more in the savory direction at the moment. Upon tasting our stellar new Blood Orange-Hibiscus Marmalade, she beelined for the Pasta Shop, one of our favorite local BCF outlets, to pick up some Acme levain bread and truffle pate. Jo accompanied this fantastic combination of flavors with some sparkling rose, and she sums up the marmalade as a “beautiful sangria- looking, raspberry-tasting jelly, with sweet rinds”. Yum!

Luz’s current favorite combo is a throwback to fall: Walnut levain toast slathered with our Damson Jam and accompanied by a steaming mug of Kusmi Chocolate-Spice tea. Wow – what a breakfast!

Kate is in London right now, having a fabulous jam- and tea- and marmalade-filled weeklong vacation. We haven’t spoken to her in the past few days, but we strongly suspect that she is indulging daily in some of our favorite British jam flavors, including black currant and gooseberry. Mmm…

And, last but not least, there is myself. It was difficult to select a favorite right now, since I’m crazy about all of our current flavors, but I think I have to point you all towards our Seven-Citrus Marmalade (shown at the top of this post). This truly velvety jelly is studded with seven different fruits – two kinds of blood orange, pomelo, mandarins, Meyer lemon, plain lemon, and pink grapefruit – and it has been making my mornings bright! I’ve been loving it on Oktoberfest Bakery’s Granola Bread, which is studded with whole hazelnuts. For this delectable experience, I recommend Mariage Freres’ Marco Polo tea, straight or with a dash of sugar.

What are YOUR favorite toast-and-jam or toast-and-marmalade combos? We would love to know! Tell us on facebook or by commenting below. We would love to hear from you!






  1. PG Tips, Toast & Jam – The holy breakfast trinity!

  2. jennifer oneal

    Rachel, Im eating the Seven-Citrus Marmalade for breakfast too, on sourdough with a little butter and some Blue Bottle Bella Donovan–its what inspires me to get out of bed these days. Thank you!

  3. I just made your Meyer lemon marmalade with mandarins and lavender, and have been enjoying it slathered on buttered cornmeal-millet toast. It has been a wonderful thing to eat while reading your lovely cookbook!