Our Favorite Strawberry Jam

We’re trying to wait patiently for Spring’s arrival, and bring with it one of our favorite fruits: strawberries. The perfect strawberry jam highlights the bright, sweet flavor of these gorgeous berries, and adds excitement to toast, scones, and cakes.

It’s time to be honest: We’ve been holding out on you, just a little bit. Some jars of our favorite early-Spring jam have been hidden away to tide us over until strawberries are in season again. Our much-coveted Strawberry-Rose Jam is available in our online store, but we don’t expect it to stick around for long; these jars are disappearing off our shelves at a rapid pace!

We love the brightness of strawberries, and they’re highlighted in this jam with floral notes of rosewater, kirsch, and vanilla bean. Trust us, it’s heavenly on scones with clotted cream, and it’s made waiting for Spring a bit more bearable!