Eat Real Fest Recap

WOW, we had such a blast at the Eat Real Festival this year! We teamed up with some favorite local artisans and put our jam in some pretty yummy situations. Curious about the appearances our jams made? We’re glad you asked!

1. Our lovely jam stand where we were sampling all of our ERF flavors! We met some great new friends and had a blast talking jam all day.

2. Saturday’s Craft Collaboration with Starter Bakery. Yep, that’s our Blood Orange-Hibiscus Marmalade and Meyer Lemon-Blood Orange Marmalade with Rose Geranium in two different Kouign Aman.

3. Sunday’s Craft Collaboration with Mike the Bejkr. Three different breads, three different jams. Kamut bread with Early Girl Tomato Jam. Farro Bread with Peacotum Jam. Pain Biologique with Strawberry-Pluot Jam. To say Mike’s bread is our favorite is an understatement!

Other fun things we did: Rachel gave a stone fruit talk with Fran of Blossom Bluff and Michele Polzine, and served our Damson Jam spooned over peach ice cream. And our marmalade was incorporated into a yummy cocktail!

Can’t wait until next year!


  1. Thanks for bringing such deliciousness to ERF. That Bergamot Marmalade is surreal.

    Quick question about the sale–is the early Girl Tomato Jam included in the $10/jar list? I can’t seem to find it for under $12 on the site.

  2. Kate of Blue Chair Fruit

    Sharp eyes, Ambri! Price on Early Girl Tomato Jam is now correct:

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