DIY Tutorial: BCF Valentine!

We designed a super-sweet Valentine, full of our favorite romantic fruit puns. This card is astonishingly simple to assemble at home — and, by following the tutorial below, you can make your own card for your sweetie!

Now let’s make a CARD! »

The method for this “instant book” card comes from How to Make Books.

First you’ll need to download the PDF of our hand-designed Valentine: BCF VDay Card

Print out the card on 8.5″ x 11″ paper — something with a nice weight to it, but not as heavy as cardstock.

1. Gather your supplies
Card print-out, bone folder (if you have one), scissors, destination envelope

Now it’s folding time! Be sure to press all folds well, with your bone folder or your fingernail.

2. Short edge folds
Lay the paper illustrations side DOWN, and fold the 8.5″ (short) edges together.
Half a sheet of illustrations will be facing you.
Fold one 8.5″ edge back to the crease you just created.
Flip over, and repeat with the reverse side.
You’ll have effectively folded the paper into quarters as an accordion.
Don’t forget to burnish (heavily crease) these folds well!

3. Long edge fold
Unfold, again placing illustrations facing down.
Now you will fold the paper in half, this time bringing the 11″ (long) edges together.
Burnish this fold well.

4. Cutting the crease
Unfold your paper yet again, but this time with illustrations up.
Refold along the very first crease you made, again bringing the 8.5″ sides together.
Grab your scissors.
Cut through the crease you just made, but cut ONLY halfway across to the first fold.

5. Opening the book
Unfold again and lay the paper flat, illustrations up.
Pinch along the middle creases that are on both sides of the cut you just made, and lift up.
Pull these creases away from each other (I promise this will work).

6. Finishing the book
You now have four little spokes.
Rearrange them so that the cover is facing you.
Burnish the seam of your book well.
And you are done!

Happy Valentine’s Day!
Love, Blue Chair Fruit

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Want some extra guidance with your own paper folding? This video is quite helpful.

We’re also printing these cards and including them as part of our Valentine’s Day Jam Trio, complete with the corresponding flavors.  Click here to learn more!


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