Sweet Wedding Favors!

Are you and your love tying the knot, and looking for a sweet way to thank your guests? We are pleased to announce we are now offering wedding favor jars!

Our petite 2.5-ounce jars are available as a custom order for your event. These jars are ideal for out-of-town guests, as they can be transported in a carry-on bag!

Upcoming flavor options for this size include: Strawberry Marmalade, Peacotum Jam, Regina Peach Jam with Sage, and many more! Flavor options are contingent on fruit availability leading up to the date of your event. The more notice we have, the better able we are to make your perfect jam for your special day!

If you would like more information about these jars, please email:
caitlyn [at] bluechairfruit [dot] com.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Many thanks to Carlie Statsky (www.carliestatsky.com) for letting us use her beautiful images from the first wedding to offer our jam as favors!


  1. Shellie Sobh

    What is the price of the favor jars? We would need around 60 peach. Thanks so much!

  2. Hi Shellie! Our 2.5 ounce wedding favor jars are $6 each. Here’s a link to them in our online shop: http://shop.bluechairfruit.com/products/wedding-favor-jams

    Expect an email from me shortly with more details!

  3. I would love to order about 60 jars of your jam for bridal shower favors. My future daughter-in-law is from San Francisco. The shower will be in Michigan. Would love our Michifan family & friends to take home some SF deliciousness in her honor. The shower will be held April, 2016. How far in advance do I need to order?

    Thank you,
    Margaret Sickon