Don’t Forget Dad!

Indulge your dad with sweet treats he’ll adore!

Choose from any of our fabulous flavors
or get him a gift certificate so he can pick them himself!

Father's Day

 Father’s Day is this Sunday, June 16th!
We are happy to wrap your special flavors in a 2-jar or 3-jar box!
Don’t forget to check that it’s a gift when you order
and include your thoughtful note to Dad.


  1. Paula Anderson

    I love your book and I keep hoping for an update or new book with some new recipes, like the apple and Meyer lemon recipe. I live in Fl and have a huge Meyer lemon tree that’s in full bloom!

  2. Hi Paula! You’ll be thrilled to hear that Rachel’s new cookbook is being released this fall! She will teach you all about cooking and baking with jam and marmalade. Stay tuned for the release!