Market Flavors – September 18/19

Lots of excitement around here with the cookbook tour beginning next week. And, in the meantime, we’re cooking up some of our favorite late summer flavors.

Tomato jam lovers: Your patience has been rewarded. We will be bringing our much-requested Spiced Tomato-Bourbon Conserve to the farmers’ markets this weekend! If you covet a jar or two and can make it to the market this weekend, we’d recommend doing so — this flavor goes fast.

All markets (Oakland: Grand Lake 9/18, Temescal 9/19; Noe Valley 9/18, Palo Alto 9/19): Spiced Tomato-Bourbon Conserve, English Marmalade, Mariposa Plum Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Early Summer Peach Jam, Meyer Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Black Mission Fig Jam

Plus: The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook named one of the 6 best cookbooks of the fall season in Christian Science Monitor, with a really great review!

Market Flavors for September 4, 5 and 9

Don’t know about you, but we’re loving this gorgeous Bay Area weather! We’ve been crazy busy preparing for the cookbook release, as well as prepping late summer fruits. The good news is that these fruits include figs and tomatoes! We’ve been getting a lot of requests for these flavors and we’re looking forward to bringing them with us to the markets soon.

In the meantime, here’s what we’ll have to offer this week:

All Markets (Oakland: Grand Lake 9/4, Temescal 9/5; SF: Noe Valley 9/4, Palo Alto 9/5, Marin 9/9): Strawberry Jam with Maraschino & Plum Brandy, Seville Orange Marmalade with Rum & Muscovado, Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus and Bay Leaf, Silver Three-Fruit Marmalade, Apricot & Dolly Plum Jam, Pink Grapefruit-Blood Orange Marmalade with Campari, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam

Looking forward to a fun and sunny weekend!

Market Flavors for August 28 & 29

It’s going to be a busy weekend for us — our usual markets plus the Eat Real Fest! We hope you’ll say hi and taste some jam no matter where you find yourself.

All Markets (SF: Noe Valley 8/29, Palo Alto 8/30; Oakland: Grand Lake 8/29, Temescal 8/30: Babcock Peach Jam, Lemon Marmalade, Apricot & Dolly Plum Jam, Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves, Children’s Strawberry Jam

And just a reminder that we’ll be bringing Spiced Tomato-Bourbon Conserve, Black Fig Jam, and Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam with us to the Eat Real Fest — so you can get your Blue Chair Fruit fix even if you opt to go to ERF instead of your regular market! Eat Real has been kind enough to post a map of all the vendors — click here for more info (.PDF download).

Market Flavors for August 14/15

The summer fruits just keep on coming: this week’s new flavor is Babcock Peach, a dreamy white peach jam with a bit of kirsch and almond. Our staff is currently swooning over the new Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay, so we had to keep that in the mix, too!

All Markets (SF: Noe Valley 8/14, Palo Alto 8/15; Oakland: Grand Lake 8/14, Temescal 8/15): Babcock Peach Jam, English Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Strawberry-Blood Orange Marmalade with Rosemary (as featured on FoodCrafters!), Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus and Bay

We’ll see you this weekend — you bring your taste buds, and we’ll bring our tiny spoons!

Market Flavors for August 7, 8 & 11

We’re hoping the sun will opt to come out for our weekend markets, because we’ve got some fabulous summer fruit jams for you this week! We’re especially excited to feature a new, tasty plum jam.

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 8/7, Temescal 8/8): Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay, Blood Orange-Lemon Marmalade, Golden Sweet Apricot Jam, English  Marmalade, Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam, Meyer Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

San Francisco Markets (Noe Valley 8/7, Palo Alto 8/8, Haight 8/11): Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & BayBlood Orange-Lemon MarmaladeGolden Sweet Apricot JamEnglish  MarmaladeStrawberry-Pink Peppercorn JamMeyer Lemon-Pink Grapefruit MarmaladeNightfall Blackberry Jam

See you there — hopefully with our sunglasses on!

Market Flavors for July 31, August 1 & 4

Are we really moving into August this weekend? We can hardly believe it.

Appropriately, we have some great summer-y jams to bring with us to the markets this weekend! Berries, stone fruit… yum.

San Francisco Markets (Noe Valley 7/31, Palo Alto 8/1, Haight 8/4): Apricot & Dolly Plum Jam, Seville Orange Marmalade with  Muscovado & Vanilla, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Pink Grapefruit-Blood Orange Marmalade with Campari, Nightfall Blackberry Jam

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 7/31, Temescal 8/1): Apricot & Dolly Plum JamSeville Orange Marmalade with  Muscovado & Vanilla, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves with RosewaterNightfall Blackberry Jam

See you there!

Market Flavors for July 24/25

We’re always excited when we get to bring our favorite summer jams to the markets. What can we say? We really love dark berries and stone fruit.

So get those taste buds warmed up! In the interest of helping you think about which yummy flavors you want to taste at this weekend’s markets, here’s a list of the flavors we’ll be featuring this week.

San Francisco markets (Noe Valley 7/24, Palo Alto 7/25, Haight 7/28):
Golden Apricot Jam, English Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Strawberry-Rose Jam, Orange Pucker Citron Marmalade, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 7/24, Temescal 7/25):
Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Silver Three-Fruit Marmalade, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves with Rose, English Marmalade, Golden Apricot Jam, Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam

As always, we’re happy to take requests for jams and marmalades you just have to have. Just ask at the market, and we’ll bring your favorite flavor the next week.

Can’t wait to see your smiling faces!