Cling to Early Summer!

With September upon us, we’re craving those first big bites of summer’s clingstone peaches. What better way to celebrate the memory of those early summer days than with a jar of Early Summer Peach Marmalade? Stuffed with Super Rich yellow peaches, the ratio of this marmalade is less jelly to more fruit–producing our jammiest marmalade of the season! The way this early summer stone fruit harmonizes with a hint of almond extract will make you sing your way through September…

Remember early summer?

Recapture early summer’s essence with succulent yellow peaches.


Throw An Apple At Us…

In Ancient Greece, hurling an apple at someone was a symbolic declaration of your love. If your would-be paramour caught the apple, it was a sure sign of requited romance.

Well, we’ve been catching heirloom apples by the barrel, and we want to pitch the pomaceous love at you! Sign up for Rachel’s apple butter and jelly class in the State Bird Provisions series to catch a parcel of pippins.

Summer Jam Intensive

Class Topic: The Versatile Apple: We will explore the many uses of the apple, and answer questions like: Why are apples so important to jam making? What is jelly and how is it made? What is fruit butter and how is it made? Learn how to add spices and liquor to preserves just in time for cozy autumn.

Date & Time: Sunday, 8/26; 10am – noon. Classes are primarily demo-style, but may incorporate a minimal amount of hands-on work.

Location: State Bird Provisions, 1529 Fillmore Street between Geary & O’Farrell (415-795-1272)

Cost and materials: $105 per class. Each student takes home 2 jars of jam, plus handouts. Snacks and tea/coffee provided.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to delve into fruit butters, jellies, and jams with one of the country’s foremost jam experts!

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3 New Summer Flavors!

California fruit is having an exceptional summer — we’re positively swooning in the kitchen! From berries to stone fruit, each and every flavor coming out of our kitchen is stellar. And boy, are we excited to share these new flavors with you!

From left to right, we’ve got:

With flavors this tasty, we can’t help but sneak a spoonful or two straight out of the jar!

Mmm, summer…

San Francisco Jam Class Series

Summer Jam Intensive

Would you like an opportunity to learn about different fruits, flavors, and techniques for jam making? Rachel’s four-week class at State Bird Provisions takes you through 8 different jams from start to finish. Don’t miss this special opportunity to delve into jam with one of the country’s foremost jam experts!

Dates and times: 8/5, 8/12, 8/26, and 9/2; 10am – noon. Classes are mainly demo-style, but may incorporate a small amount of hands-on work. We recommend signing up for the whole series as classes build upon each other, but you may sign up for individual classes if you prefer.

Location: State Bird Provisions 1529 Fillmore St., between Geary & O’Farrell (Phone: 415-795-1272)

Cost and materials: $105 per class or $385 for the series. Students each take home 2 jars of jam per class, plus handouts from each class session. Snacks and tea/coffee provided.

Class Topics:

Day 1: Intro to Jam Making (8/5): SOLD OUT What jam is and how is it made, the cooking process, testing for doneness, the jarring process, how to vary the sugar and lemon juice quantities, and how the preparation of the raw fruit affects both the cooking process and the end result.
Day 2: Tomato Jam (8/12): SOLD OUT Rachel will show you how to make one of Blue Chair Fruit’s most popular flavors: tomato jam. We will also learn how to successfully incorporate a secondary fruit into a pre-existing recipe and how to add herbs to a finished jam.
Day 3: The Versatile Apple (8/26): We will explore the different uses of apples. Topics include why apples are such an important fruit in jam making, what jelly is and how to make it, what fruit butter is and how to make it, and how to add spices and liquor to preserves.
Day 4: Flavor Construction (9/2): We will construct two original jam flavors as a class, focusing on incorporating additional fruits and flavors. We will learn how to build complexity while maintaining balance of flavor and texture, with a full range of spices, herbs, and liqueurs to choose from!

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Summer Jams $10 a Jar!

All jars are $10 each, through July 12 only!
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Learn to Make Jam – Online!

Click to read more about Rachel's online jam class!

Would you like to learn to capture the bright flavors of seasonal fruit through cooking preserves  — from your own home? Our very own Rachel Saunders, the mastermind behind BCF’s signature flavors, shows you her innovative techniques for making intensely flavorful jam and marmalade in a new collaboration with Craftsy!

In this introductory online course, you will follow Rachel’s step-by-step methods for creating succulent blackberry jam, savory strawberry spread and zesty, sweet lemon marmalade. Learn the perfect, research-tested balance of fruit, sugar and other ingredients to maximize flavor and shelf life. With minimal preparation, you can preserve and enjoy your fruit for months or years.

Get your jam on with Jam & Marmalade the Blue Chair Way, the quintessential course for producing exquisitely flavored and textured preserves.

What You’ll Learn

  • Artisanal, homemade preserving techniques using simple ingredients
  • Rachel’s precision four-stage cooking process
  • How to choose the best fruit for your jam or marmalade
  • Recommendations on the best equipment
  • An easy canning method using your oven
  • The basic elements and definitions of different preserves

What You’ll Make

  • Blackberry Jam: Full of juicy, plump berries and made in less than an hour
  • Strawberry Jam: A bright, flavorful spread that can be enjoyed for months
  • Lemon Marmalade: Perfectly candied pieces of lemon in beautiful, tart jelly

Part of the fun of this online course is its accessibility: You can watch it on your schedule, re-watch segments to get details, or even revisit the video three months from now as a refresher!

Learn more and sign up!

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Don’t Forget About Dad!

Father’s Day is sneaking up: Sunday, June 17!

Lucky for you, we’ve wrangled together our favorite jams for your dear ol’ dad.

Rhubarb Jam, Orange-Anise Marmalade, and Provencale Tomato-White Nectarine Jam. Yum!

Click here to order a Father’s Day gift set!

Sweet Wedding Favors!

Are you and your love tying the knot, and looking for a sweet way to thank your guests? We are pleased to announce we are now offering wedding favor jars!

Our petite 2.5-ounce jars are available as a custom order for your event. These jars are ideal for out-of-town guests, as they can be transported in a carry-on bag!

Upcoming flavor options for this size include: Strawberry Marmalade, Peacotum Jam, Regina Peach Jam with Sage, and many more! Flavor options are contingent on fruit availability leading up to the date of your event. The more notice we have, the better able we are to make your perfect jam for your special day!

If you would like more information about these jars, please email:
caitlyn [at] bluechairfruit [dot] com.

We look forward to collaborating with you!

Many thanks to Carlie Statsky ( for letting us use her beautiful images from the first wedding to offer our jam as favors!

Say “Hello” to Strawberries!

Our first jam of the season is here: Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam!

The start of strawberry season is always a game of patience as we wait for the most luscious strawberries to come to market. When those strawberries hit their stride, our kitchen is transformed. There’s nothing like the sweet smell of strawberry jam cooking! These handsome red berries are resplendent on their own, and we always love to accentuate their playfulness with an exotic spice: pink peppercorns. Possessing a ton of flavor and very little heat, pink peppercorns amp up the convivial side of Spring’s first fruit. Have you been eagerly awaiting strawberries’ arrival, too? Our Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam is now available online! There’s no better partner for ricotta on toast, and a spoonful or two will brighten up your morning yogurt. We promise this jam will put a spring in your step!

Take a peek inside our strawberry-filled kitchen:

Mother’s Day Gift Pack

Mother’s Day is on May 13 this year — less than two weeks away! We think the sweetest gift for your perfect mom is a trio of our loveliest preserves.

Your darling momma will receive a gift-wrapped set containing one jar each of:
– Strawberry-Rose Jam
– Lemon Marmalade with Cardamom & Lavender
– Greengage Plum Jam

Pre-order now and we’ll ship them to arrive before Mother’s Day. Be sure to include a gift message telling your adoring mother just why she’s the best!

Send your mom some jam!