Floyd Mayweather Jr. Reportedly Doesn’t Think He Will Ever Return To Professional Boxing

Beyond the ring, he is recognized for his splashy and pricey way of life, owning a $50,000 ruby iPod situation and a $20,000 Bentley gold cart, Business Insider previously reported.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. said he’s sure he’s never going to box expertly once again, according to CNN en Español. The fabulous boxer retried in 2017 with an undefeated score of 50-0 and has since focused on being a boxing promoter.

He quickly came out of retired life in 2017 to fight Conor McGregor, a fight that CNN records gained Mayweather over $250 million. In total amount, the battle grossed over $550 million.

Last November, Mayweather published a picture on Instagram with the caption, “Coming out of retired life in 2020.” But he has currently seemed to walk back on that declaration. At the time, CNN additionally reported that Mayweather had plans to collaborate with UFC head Dana White on “another amazing occasion.”

He remains among the highest-earning boxers of perpetuity, as Business Insider’s Barnaby Lane previously reported. He is approximated to have gained $1 billion in prize money throughout his career and has garnered many financially rewarding endorsements, including one from Burger King.

” I’m 100% sure that I’m not combating against any fighter any longer,” he continued. “So, that’s out of the inquiry. I imply, my faculties imply a great deal to me. Money doesn’t make me, I make money, and my health is more crucial than money.”

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