Fox News Host Warns Impeachment Could Trigger More Far-right Terrorist Attacks From Trump Supporters

On Jan. 7 during the initial “Fox & Friends” show adhering to the attempted coup, Kilmeade condemned the violence and delivered his harshest analysis of Trump. A substantial separation from the friendly relationships the two appreciated during the myriad call-in meetings the president had in the show since 2015.

As a growing bipartisan consensus type around holding President Donald Trump accountable for his function in provoking last Wednesday’s Capitol Siege, Brian Kilmeade pumped the breaks on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday early morning.

Kilmeade’s remarks belong to a recent pattern among some traditional media personalities who have explained impeachment, and others ask for Trump to be held accountable as dissentious.

“He has 75 million supporters,” the Fox News host claimed of Trump.

Yet when it concerns holding the president responsible for the riot using impeachment, Kilmeade stated Tuesday that it would undoubtedly be “as foolish as Nancy Pelosi getting on ’60 Minutes’ last night and saying the president is an imminent danger, and also he has to be hindered.”

Kilmeade likewise lamented just how Trump’s fans tarnished their credibility of being non-violent on Jan. 6. Regardless of numerous videotaped cases of violence in Trump’s name and at the president’s rallies, the Charlottesville fiasco as well as clashes with counter-protesters over the past couple of years—even as late as Dec. 14 after a different objection in the nation’s capital.

“So if you have an overarching sense that I gotta bring the nation with each other, due to the fact that, we see what’s occurring around this country, how 50 state houses are being threatened on Inauguration Day—this is the last thing you wanna do,” Kilmeade said.

“Well, that track record damaged. And even if it was infiltrated by people that don’t like him, no matter,” Kilmeade claimed last week. “When you send out 50, 60, 70, 80,000 individuals to the Capitol, which is guarded by a handful of polices and also 150 National Guards, presume what? They are going to get in.”

“Let’s be straightforward,” Kilmeade said last Thursday. “Since Nov. 3, or when we obtained the judgment by Nov. 5, the president’s actions have been terrible.”

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