Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

RACHELSausagePatties RachelPortrait IMG 4817 595 e1407870219103 150x150 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

Rachel loves fruit! She especially enjoys the months of September and October, when there is such a wide variety of fruits available. Rachel is the creative mind behind BCF and the author of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook and Blue Chair Cooks with Jam & Marmalade. She also teaches regular jam and marmalade classes in our Oakland kitchen and across the country, in addition to her online class.

Jo BCF Team 150x150 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit TeamJO

Jo is BCF's Sous-Chef, kitchen manager and planner, and fruit forager. She preps fruit more quickly than anyone we know. A former pastry chef, Jo frequently regales us with freshly baked goodies featuring our preserves. When not cooking at BCF, Jo can be found making her way through the best restaurants and eateries of the SF Bay Area and Los Angeles, her home town.

HELGA Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

Helga came to BCF with a jar-shaped heart on her sleeve. Working full-time by day, she swoops into the kitchen at night to assist with fruit prep, cooking, and recipe creation. Helga swoons for our Strawberry-Blackberry Jam with Rose Geranium, her apron handmade by Rachel's mom, and San Antonio-style queso dip - and we swoon for her quick wit and dip-dyed locks!

Tiffany 150x150 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit TeamTIFFANY

Tiffany is our Operations Manager, and keeps Blue Chair Fruit running smoothly. Whether it be selling jam with a smile at farmers' markets, keeping our office efficient and organized, or working directly with our clients and distributors, Tiffany does it all! On her off days, you may also see Tiffany volunteering for CUESA at the Saturday Ferry Plaza Farmers' Market.


Come meet our farmers' market staff on the weekends: Beatrice, Ally, Sydney, and Cole!