Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

RACHELrachel 15 print 150x150 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

Rachel loves fruit! She especially enjoys the months of September and October, when there is such a wide variety of fruits: figs, tomatoes, apples, grapes, stone fruits, and more. Rachel is the creative mind behind BCF and the author of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook. She also teaches regular jam and marmalade classes in our Oakland kitchen and across the country. Rachel is inordinately grateful to her fantastic staff who make BCF possible!!

Jo BCF Team 150x150 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit TeamJO

Jo is BCF's Sous-Chef, and has brought new levels of efficiency to our kitchen and office! She is a force to be reckoned with: she can pit damsons faster than anyone we know, and is constantly surprising us with freshly baked goodies featuring our preserves. Jo far surpasses the requisite enthusiasm level for our team, and is especially fond of our Early Girl Tomato Marmalade! We love your energetic contributions, Jo!

HELGA Meet the Blue Chair Fruit Team

Helga comes to BCF with a jar-shaped heart on her sleeve. Working full-time by day, she swoops into the kitchen at night to assist with fruit prep, cooking, and recipe creation. Helga never fails to surprise with her resourcefulness, transforming a few scraps from the BCF kitchen into delectable fruit tarts! Helga swoons for our Strawberry-Blackberry Jam with Rose Geranium, her apron handmade by Rachel's mom, and San Antonio-style queso dip - and we swoon for her quick wit and dip-dyed locks!

Erin1 Meet the Blue Chair Fruit TeamERIN

Erin is our Operations Manager, and keeps Blue Chair Fruit running smoothly. We love Erin's can-do attitude, sartorial instincts, and big smile, and we think our customers do, too. Erin is a big fan of all our plum jams, and majorly swoons for our Greengage Jam. We think she is just as unique and sweet as her grandma's rhubarb crisp recipe.