Marmalade Making 101

In this four-hour introductory class, Rachel will take you through the marmalade making process from start to finish. We will cook four different marmalades, two versions each of two different seasonal flavors, enabling you to understand some of the different factors affecting the finished product. The class starts with a marmalade tasting and discussion, then proceeds to the cooking process. Our goal will be to give you the skills you need to create your own basic marmalades at home! Sign up for classes here.

Weekend Flavors & Cavallo Point Jam 101

We are very pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the Cavallo Point Cooking School to offer our Jam 101 class!

Cavallo Point is a lovely site just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge, so it’s easily accessible for pretty much everyone in the Bay Area. This will be our full Jam 101 class — lots of hands-on experience, very focused on understanding the jam process, and Rachel’s expertise! You can sign up with us or through Cavallo Point. More information about the class, plus our weekend market flavors, after the jump!

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Come Jam With Us!

Did you know that Blue Chair Fruit offers jam and marmalade classes? Over the past few months, we’ve started offering classes at our kitchen, and we’re loving the opportunity to connect with fellow jam-lovers. Nothing makes Rachel happier than having one of her students come to the markets to enthusiastically show her their latest jam creation!

These classes have been filling up quickly, especially ┬ánow that we’re getting into the heart of preserve-making season. We keep the classes at around seven people so that every student gets a lot of hands-on experience and the opportunity to ask Rachel a lot of jam questions. There are still a few spaces left in each of the classes for this weekend: Jam 101 on Friday, August 6th from 4-9 pm, and Flavor Construction: Strawberry Jam on Sunday, August 8th from 4-9 pm. For more information on classes, click through to our Classes page.

See you soon!

Flavor Construction: Strawberry Jam

Strawberries make perhaps the most “basic” jam – yet they are also extremely versatile. In this 4-hour intermediate class, we will examine exactly what makes a great strawberry jam and how best to showcase this beloved fruit. Our goal will be to enable you to better understand the elements that go into a jam, both by looking at ways of incorporating outside flavorings (such as herbs and liqueurs) and by exploring how to combine the berries with secondary fruits… sign up here!