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Would you like to learn to capture the bright flavors of seasonal fruit through cooking preserves ¬†— from your own home? Our very own Rachel Saunders, the mastermind behind BCF’s signature flavors, shows you her innovative techniques for making intensely flavorful jam and marmalade in a new collaboration with Craftsy!

In this introductory online course, you will follow Rachel’s step-by-step methods for creating succulent blackberry jam, savory strawberry spread and zesty, sweet lemon marmalade. Learn the perfect, research-tested balance of fruit, sugar and other ingredients to maximize flavor and shelf life. With minimal preparation, you can preserve and enjoy your fruit for months or years.

Get your jam on with Jam & Marmalade the Blue Chair Way, the quintessential course for producing exquisitely flavored and textured preserves.

What You’ll Learn

  • Artisanal, homemade preserving techniques using simple ingredients
  • Rachel’s precision four-stage cooking process
  • How to choose the best fruit for your jam or marmalade
  • Recommendations on the best equipment
  • An easy canning method using your oven
  • The basic elements and definitions of different preserves

What You’ll Make

  • Blackberry Jam: Full of juicy, plump berries and made in less than an hour
  • Strawberry Jam: A bright, flavorful spread that can be enjoyed for months
  • Lemon Marmalade: Perfectly candied pieces of lemon in beautiful, tart jelly

Part of the fun of this online course is its accessibility: You can watch it on your schedule, re-watch segments to get details, or even revisit the video three months from now as a refresher!

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