Three New Marmalades!

Three Marmalades
Lime Marmalade Quince-Orange Marmalade Cocktail Grapefruit Marmalade

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Our Most Recent Flavors – February

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to check out the Blue Chair Fruit online store recently, here are some of our newer flavors — either flavors we’ve just made or ones we’ve had squirreled away for the cold months of winter.

Bergamot Marmalade: One of our favorites for tea-time, as described in Kate’s blog post

Blood Orange-Chestnut Honey Marmalade with Rosemary: A marmalade that perfectly marries sweet and bitter, whose hint of rosemary is perfectly suited for savory applications

Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade: Pink grapefruit is always a favorite winter citrus fruit, and this marmalade captures its essence

Lime Marmalade: Sweet and sassy, and we believe it would make an awesome Cosmo!

Olallieberries in Syrup: We held onto a few jars of this summer favorite, and it’s a real hit spooned over ice cream or stirred into yogurt

More and more fruits are coming into season, so keep your eyes on our site for new marmalade flavors! We’ve got some great recipes up our sleeves…

Bergamot Marmalade

Hi everyone! It’s Kate. I want to share with you why I’m so excited that Bergamot Marmalade is available again, and how it’s taken my morning tea-time ritual from so-so to ecstasy-inducing.

If you have any familiarity with Blue Chair Fruit, you’ll know that we are very serious about two things: making delicious preserves, and tea-time. While I thought I loved tea before BCF, working with Rachel has taken my tea fanaticism to a whole new level. Rachel introduced me to Kusmi Tea, and I am forever indebted to her because of it. While all of Kusmi’s teas — especially their black teas — are simply transcendent, it is their Decaf Earl Grey that currently has me under its spell. I now carve time out of my day for tea; putting water on to boil is the first thing I do in the morning, and I have established an elaborate routine out of making sure my tea is steeped just so.

What does this have to do with marmalade? Simply put, the arrival of our Bergamot Marmalade has taken my tea-time from special to perfect. I’m sure most of you know that bergamot rind gives Earl Grey tea its characteristic flavor: a little floral, a little citrus-y, and very sophisticated. Though in my book there’s nothing like a cup of Earl Grey with milk and sugar, there’s really nothing like enjoying said cup to accompany our Bergamot Marmalade.

This marmalade is a sight to behold: a sunny yellow jelly that’s perfectly clear holds within it very thin slices of bergamot. I love that every time I eat this marmalade I think about Jo, Luz and Rachel lovingly slicing these bergamots by hand — the pieces of rind are almost paper thin, and it is that delicateness that makes this marmalade truly special.

I find it simply magical that Rachel has achieved the ideal balance in this marmalade. The light floral perfume of bergamot shines through without becoming overbearing or astringent. While I’m tempted to hoard this flavor all to myself, I want everyone to enjoy this delicacy and find their own marmalade and tea ritual. Alternating between a bite of this marmalade on a buttery scone and a sip of my favorite Earl Grey tea has become my favorite way to escape the chilliness of a cold February morning.

I’m very curious about how marmalade and tea take center stage in the mornings of others. Share a comment about your favorite marmalade ritual — I’m always looking for new ideas!


PS If you’re feeling intrepid and would like to take advantage of bergamot season while it lasts, Bergamot Marmalade is the first recipe in The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook!

February Jam Club Flavors

Now that we’re in the heart of marmalade season, our Jam Club members are receiving some yummy citrus flavors!

February’s delicious Jam Club flavors were:

We also have new marmalades to bring to the farmers’ market for our Bay Area customers. On drizzly days like we’ve been having, there’s nothing like a bit of marmalade with your morning tea to help you perk right up!

All Markets (Grand Lake 2/19 and Temescal 2/20):

Hope everyone stays warm and dry this weekend!

Marmalade Contest Winner!

After much deliberation, we are pleased to announce the winner of our first annual marmalade contest!

Our winning flavor is Gingerbread Marmalade, submitted by Julie. This will be an orange marmalade, warmed with a touch of molasses and deeply spiced with ginger, star anise, and cinnamon. We think this will be a delicious flavor to spice up a winter morning!

Keep your eyes on our website for this delicious flavor. We anticipate that we will produce it over the next month or so!

Thank you again to everyone who took the time to submit a flavor suggestion. We were truly floored by the number of submissions we received and the quality of flavors suggested. We’re already looking forward to next year’s contest!

Two Marmalades to Make Your Heart Melt

Looking for a delicious food treat for Valentine’s Day that’s not the usual chocolate and wine?

We think our Love 2-Pack is just the ticket! Two sweet marmalades, available exclusively for Valentine’s Day, make up this set: Apple of My Eye Marmalade and Quince-Cranberry Marmalade with Rose Geranium. Our Apple of My Eye Marmalade is a full of thinly sliced Meyer lemon rinds suspended in a delicate apple jelly — perfect for French toast, scones, or toast. Quince-Cranberry Marmalade with Rose Geranium is the perfect balance of sweet and sassy, with rose geranium added for a touch of romance. This marmalade in particular is stellar with cheese1

These two marmalades are a delightful addition to any homemade breakfast (how sweet would that be?), or simply an unexpected treat for your favorite jam or marmalade lover. The Valentine’s Day Love 2-Pack will only be available through Valentine’s Day, and we do expect it will go very quickly!