New Summery Flavors!

Alright, time for us to fess up: We’ve been a bit sneaky and squirreled away two of our favorite summer flavors to enjoy during the winter. Curious about what they are?

New Flavor: Apricot-Orange Jam

Our thoroughly luscious Apricot-Orange Jam, full of this beloved summer fruit, finds its effervescent sunny flavor highlighted by slender slices of orange rind. A true delight on toast or in a PBJ, or used as a pork glaze if you’re feeling intrepid.

New Flavor: White Cherry Marmalade

Yowza, eating this marmalade is like tossing a handful of confetti into your morning! Our White Cherry Marmalade is full of itty bitty lemon rinds, which contrast beautifully with the rotund whole cherries throughout. A dash of almond extract accentuates the springy, warm flavor of this summer marmalade!

Bring Apricot-Orange Jam and White Cherry Marmalade home!

The BCF Kitchen: Peach Season

Our first peach jam of the year has arrived: Bourbon’d Peach-Apple Jam.

Peaches have made their first appearance at our kitchens, heralding the return of summer. To say we are happy is an understatement; as we welcome these fruits back to our office and kitchen, they infuse the air with their sweet fragrance, a gentle reminder that summer has arrived.

While living with the smell of peaches is easy, working with them can prove difficult. The peaches must be blanched and skinned, a process that takes an entire cooking shift most days. And the work doesn’t stop there; if the peaches are clingstone, removing their pit is no easy task, and the flesh of each skinned peach must be carefully cut from its stone.

Our first spoonful of peach jam makes the long hours of work fade from memory. Each variety of peach offers its own flavor profile, but they are all a beacon of sunny days to come: gently sweet and  bright, and full of nostalgic memories from last year’s June. Rows and rows of peaches in our kitchen, each resembling a tiny sun, will be made into jam that can be savored long after the balmy summer months have passed.

The first peach jam of the year is no different. Our Bourbon’d Peach-Apple Jam flirts with the best of summer flavors: the subtle sweetness of peaches and apples receive a generous splash of bourbon to highlight their warmth. This rosy jam has been delighting us each morning, filling us with warmth whether or not the Northern California sun decides to show its face. We think you’ll fall in love with this jam as much as we have!

Our Most Recent Flavors – February

Just in case you haven’t had a chance to check out the Blue Chair Fruit online store recently, here are some of our newer flavors — either flavors we’ve just made or ones we’ve had squirreled away for the cold months of winter.

Bergamot Marmalade: One of our favorites for tea-time, as described in Kate’s blog post

Blood Orange-Chestnut Honey Marmalade with Rosemary: A marmalade that perfectly marries sweet and bitter, whose hint of rosemary is perfectly suited for savory applications

Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade: Pink grapefruit is always a favorite winter citrus fruit, and this marmalade captures its essence

Lime Marmalade: Sweet and sassy, and we believe it would make an awesome Cosmo!

Olallieberries in Syrup: We held onto a few jars of this summer favorite, and it’s a real hit spooned over ice cream or stirred into yogurt

More and more fruits are coming into season, so keep your eyes on our site for new marmalade flavors! We’ve got some great recipes up our sleeves…

Aaaand we’re back!

Happy New Year!! We’ve returned from our holiday festivities relaxed, restored… and ready to dive head (and mouth) first into marmalade season! Rumor has it that our first round of citrus is coming our way this week — oranges and kumquats, yum.

As we all bravely move forward through the coldest months of the year, Blue Chair Fruit would like to offer something that helps lighten the dreariest days: two newly released jam and marmalade flavors made at the height of summer!

Our Early Summer Peach Marmalade is a perennial favorite — clingstone peaches, thinly sliced lemon, and just a touch of almond extract combine to produce a heavenly marmalade. We think the light, sweet flavor of this marmalade, along with its delicate texture, will convert anyone who is late to the marmalade loving club. We like to spread this on our toast in the morning, close our eyes, and pretend it’s the beginning of summer.

For the jam contingent, we present our July Red Nectarine Jam with Candied Ginger. The flavor of this jam is unparalleled: sweet and bright, and full of what Rachel pronounced “the best nectarines she’d ever tasted.” We’ve added tiny pieces of candied ginger to this jam — scattered bites offer the warm bite of ginger to truly emulate the warmth of summer sun. With its smooth, luscious texture, this jam is perfect for just about anything: yogurt, pastries, scones…

Stay tuned as we crank out our favorite winter marmalades: lemon, orange, grapefruit, kumquat, bergamot…

Market Flavors for August 28 & 29

It’s going to be a busy weekend for us — our usual markets plus the Eat Real Fest! We hope you’ll say hi and taste some jam no matter where you find yourself.

All Markets (SF: Noe Valley 8/29, Palo Alto 8/30; Oakland: Grand Lake 8/29, Temescal 8/30: Babcock Peach Jam, Lemon Marmalade, Apricot & Dolly Plum Jam, Bitter Orange & Cinnamon Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves, Children’s Strawberry Jam

And just a reminder that we’ll be bringing Spiced Tomato-Bourbon Conserve, Black Fig Jam, and Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam with us to the Eat Real Fest — so you can get your Blue Chair Fruit fix even if you opt to go to ERF instead of your regular market! Eat Real has been kind enough to post a map of all the vendors — click here for more info (.PDF download).

Market Flavors for August 14/15

The summer fruits just keep on coming: this week’s new flavor is Babcock Peach, a dreamy white peach jam with a bit of kirsch and almond. Our staff is currently swooning over the new Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay, so we had to keep that in the mix, too!

All Markets (SF: Noe Valley 8/14, Palo Alto 8/15; Oakland: Grand Lake 8/14, Temescal 8/15): Babcock Peach Jam, English Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Strawberry-Blood Orange Marmalade with Rosemary (as featured on FoodCrafters!), Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus and Bay

We’ll see you this weekend — you bring your taste buds, and we’ll bring our tiny spoons!

Market Flavors for August 7, 8 & 11

We’re hoping the sun will opt to come out for our weekend markets, because we’ve got some fabulous summer fruit jams for you this week! We’re especially excited to feature a new, tasty plum jam.

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 8/7, Temescal 8/8): Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay, Blood Orange-Lemon Marmalade, Golden Sweet Apricot Jam, English  Marmalade, Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam, Meyer Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade

San Francisco Markets (Noe Valley 8/7, Palo Alto 8/8, Haight 8/11): Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & BayBlood Orange-Lemon MarmaladeGolden Sweet Apricot JamEnglish  MarmaladeStrawberry-Pink Peppercorn JamMeyer Lemon-Pink Grapefruit MarmaladeNightfall Blackberry Jam

See you there — hopefully with our sunglasses on!

Market Flavors for July 31, August 1 & 4

Are we really moving into August this weekend? We can hardly believe it.

Appropriately, we have some great summer-y jams to bring with us to the markets this weekend! Berries, stone fruit… yum.

San Francisco Markets (Noe Valley 7/31, Palo Alto 8/1, Haight 8/4): Apricot & Dolly Plum Jam, Seville Orange Marmalade with  Muscovado & Vanilla, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Pink Grapefruit-Blood Orange Marmalade with Campari, Nightfall Blackberry Jam

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 7/31, Temescal 8/1): Apricot & Dolly Plum JamSeville Orange Marmalade with  Muscovado & Vanilla, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Jam, Yellow Grapefruit Marmalade, Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves with RosewaterNightfall Blackberry Jam

See you there!

Market Flavors for July 24/25

We’re always excited when we get to bring our favorite summer jams to the markets. What can we say? We really love dark berries and stone fruit.

So get those taste buds warmed up! In the interest of helping you think about which yummy flavors you want to taste at this weekend’s markets, here’s a list of the flavors we’ll be featuring this week.

San Francisco markets (Noe Valley 7/24, Palo Alto 7/25, Haight 7/28):
Golden Apricot Jam, English Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam, Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Strawberry-Rose Jam, Orange Pucker Citron Marmalade, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves, Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Marmalade

Oakland Markets (Grand Lake 7/24, Temescal 7/25):
Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam, Silver Three-Fruit Marmalade, Blood Orange-Quince Preserves with Rose, English Marmalade, Golden Apricot Jam, Lemon-Pink Grapefruit Marmalade, Nightfall Blackberry Jam

As always, we’re happy to take requests for jams and marmalades you just have to have. Just ask at the market, and we’ll bring your favorite flavor the next week.

Can’t wait to see your smiling faces!

Our Holiday Favorites are…

Black Fig Jam with Almond, Citron, & Clove; Concord Grape & Damson Jam; Early Girl Tomato & Damson Jam; Strawberry-Marsala Jam with Rosemary; Apricot Jam with Candied Yuzu & Bay; Lemon & Pink Grapefruit Marmalade; Seville Orange Marmalade with Vanilla & Muscovado; and Bergamot Marmalade. They make perfect gifts!!