Give Thanks with Conserves!

Spice up your Thanksgiving table with seasonal homemade conserves!
In this 4-hour class with Rachel, you will learn about the wonderful world of conserves
jams incorporating spices, liqueurs, and dried or candied fruits
with a special emphasis on Thanksgiving fruits and flavors.
Whether you’re setting your own table
or bringing very special gifts to the host,
these autumnal jams will make everyone in the room give thanks.

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Sing Summer with Jam!

 Hurry and catch Rachel before she leaves for the summer
with our Jam 101 Class in Oakland!

Sunday, June 16th

Jars waiting to be filled!

Jars waiting to be filled!

In this 4-hour introductory class, Rachel takes you through the jam-making process from start to finish, with a special focus on seasonal fruits. We will cook four different jams, including at least one multiple-fruit jam. Our focus will be on identifying the physical properties of different fruits and understanding how these properties affect both the cooking process and the end result. We will examine key topics such as the role of sugar, the importance of lemon juice and how to add it, the states of cooking, and how to test accurately for doneness. This class starts with an hour-long jam tasting and discussion, then proceeds to the cooking process.

Tea, dessert, and a light dinner will be provided, and you will receive four small jars of jam to take home!

Cookbook News and Lime Picking

Book Cover ImageWe are so excited to see the first proofs of Rachel’s gorgeous new cookbook! This two-year process has been extraordinarily fun and enriching, and we can’t wait for you to see the book. We will be offering pre-orders for the book on our Blue Chair Boutique page soon… stay tuned!

In other news, we just went Bears lime picking at our friend Deborah’s house a few days ago, and are in the midst of whipping up some fabulously delicious Coriander-Orange Marmalade. Secret ingredient? Limes! For another marmalade featuring this delicious fruit, check out our Silver Three-Fruit Marmalade, in which Deborah’s limes are combined with our favorite Lisbon lemons and a touch of bergamot. Yum!