Jam and Ice Cream

Guess what? I learned last night that our Red Raspberry-Strawberry Jam really takes chocolate ice cream to the next level.

Two words: “Yum. Yum.” The slight tartness of the raspberries really complement each other!

This message brought to you by Kate’s Late Night Jam Adventures.

Marmalade in the Summer

Blue Chair’s Jamie has taken her obsession with English Marmalade even further…
Oh, Hello Summer/Coffee-Can Vanilla Ice Cream with a Marmalade Swirl

There was one thing that got me through my first Bay Area winter: Blue Chair’s English Marmalade. Each morning the intensity of this preserve’s Seville oranges, bourbon, and brown sugar, along with a cup of tea, shook the cold right out of my bones. Today, summer showed up and I’m too hot for toast and tea! Consequently I am pioneering a new way to get my daily marmalade fix (yes, I am addicted): ice cream.

My inspiration comes from ReadyMade Magazine: last summer they wrote an article on making vanilla ice cream in a coffee can. The process and recipe are so simple that they lend themselves to creative adaptation. To satisfy my craving, I am leaving out the lemongrass and adding 2-3 tablespoons of Seville Orange Marmalade with Vanilla & Muscovado*. In twenty minutes I can turn five ingredients into Vanilla ice cream with a marmalade swirl. I imagine myself doting on the contrast between the bitter orange rinds and sweet vanilla cream daily.

When summer ends I will continue the ritual of marmalade — on toast — starting my day. As I suspect the glory of this ice cream won’t tire by winter, it looks like marmalade will be ending my day as well.

*For those who insist that marmalade “just isn’t my thing,” any of our jams or lighter marmalades will dazzle in this recipe: Bing cherries! Olallieberries! Meyer lemons!