Holiday Gift Packs and Shipping Deadlines!

Still searching for the perfect holiday present or hostess gift? We have the perfect suggestion!

Our Gift-Wrapped Jam Three-Pack is the perfect last-minute gift for anyone on your list. This box comes wrapped in our signature Blue Chair Fruit wrapping paper; nestled inside are one jar each of three of our favorite and most popular preserves flavors:

  • Black Plum Jam with Candied Citrus & Bay
  • Sour Orange & Lemon Marmalade
  • Spiced Bourbon-Tomato Conserve

How perfect would one of these look under the tree with a little bow? Each 3-pack is $34 and ships out Priority Mail.

And remember, Christmas quickly approaches; we can guarantee Christmas delivery for all orders placed by Tuesday, December 21 at 12pm PST. We’re always happy to ship after this shipping deadline, as well as arrange overnight delivery — but again, no guarantees after this time!

Market Flavors: 12/11 + 12/12

We can hardly believe how quickly December is going — Hanukkah’s already behind us, and there are only two weekends until Christmas. Of course, we’re particularly excited about our holiday party this Tuesday (12/14) as well!

Don’t forget, this weekend is extra special because we’ll be at the Noe Valley Farmers’ Market on Saturday, as well as the Kensington Farmers’ Market on Sunday! We’ll have lots of extra jam with us for your holiday entertaining and gifting needs.

All Markets (Noe Valley + Grand Lake 12/11, Temescal + Kensington 12/12):

We’ll also have signed copies of The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook for sale, with or without gift wrap!

Gifts for the Jam-Maker in Your Life

We’ve already covered gifts to convert the casual jam lover, as well as gifts to delight a jam fanatic. What to do if your gift recipient makes jam and marmalade? While we think that those who make jam or marmalade are always curious to try new jam flavors, there’s something to be said for catering to your friend’s favorite hobby.

Gifts that are perfect for that special someone who makes jam or marmalade:

We love this Nikki McClure print — it’s a main feature in our office decor! While we love all of Nikki McClure’s beautiful pieces make of hand-cut paper silhouettes, this “process” poster print is a natural choice for jamming and fruit enthusiasts. We think its clean aesthetic and bold, simple colors make it a perfect addition to any canner’s kitchen.

Of course, it’s impossible to love making jam and marmalade without loving Mason jars. Mason jar hand-printed shirts from Etsy seller beryllynn come in vivid pink and green color options, and are printed on soft, high-quality shirts. We love paying homage to our favorite hobby with our wardrobe!

If your friend loves making jam, it’s likely that they have a few jars set aside to give as gifts. We think these “Happy Homey Holidays” letterpress cards from Egg Press are perfect to write a note to go with jam gifts or send out as holiday greetings! They’d also be perfect to frame and enjoy year-round.

Designed and made exclusively for us by our friend Anne Kimball, the Blue Chair Fruit apron is both flattering and functional. Roomy pockets accommodate multiple kitchen utensils, and vertical stripes and cap sleeves assist jammers in looking adorable while making out-of-this-world preserves. We really adore these aprons!

If you’re feeling especially indulgent this holiday season, we’d like to recommend:

Our jam and marmalade classes are truly the best way to take your preserving skills to the next level — Rachel’s teaching focus is on enabling students to create their perfect jam or marmalade at home. We currently have dates for Marmalade Making 101; should your gift recipient prefer to learn the fine art of making jam, we recommend a gift certificate for the cost of one class, to be redeemed in jam season!

The best way to make perfect jam is to use the perfect tools. We are crazy about Mauviel copper preserving pans — they’re all we use in our kitchen! We are currently ordering these pans and are happy to take pre-orders. While we cannot guarantee Christmas delivery, this is one gift worth waiting for! For more information or to place a pre-order, please email

Happy holidays! Don’t forget, we’ll have all of the Blue Chair Fruit products featured above — and more! — at our holiday party next Tuesday, December 14th!

Market Flavors – 12/4 & 12/5

Welcome to Friday, and Happy Hanukkah! We have some great flavors for you this weekend! Please note that, in addition to our usual Oakland markets, we will also be at the Kensington farmers’ market on Sunday from 10am-2pm. See you there!

All Markets (Grand Lake 12/4, Temescal & Kensington 12/5):

We’ll also have some secret East Coast Blueberry Jam if you ask!

Gifts for the Jam and Marmalade Fanatic

We’ve covered how to convert your friend who’s on the fence about jam, but what to do for the friend who eats jam for breakfast every morning? Good thing we’re equally obsessed, and full of fun gift ideas! In fact, we wouldn’t mind receiving these items ourselves (hint, hint).

Perfect gifts for your friend who thinks they know everything about jam:

Picture a warm loaf of bread, spread with our assertive orange English Marmalade, topped with high-quality chocolate, all lightly toasted so the chocolate’s a bit melty and the marmalade flavors really sing. Yum. We love ChocoVivo — their dark chocolate with almonds and sea salt would be a particularly nice partner for any orange marmalade.

Of course, if one already has more jam than humanly possible to eat in a lifetime (and we’d seriously question even that limit), we have a fun gift suggestion: jam-and-toast soap. These cute soaps look real enough to eat, except the “jam” is translucent soap, and the “toast” is goat’s milk soap! A silly way to “sweeten up” your jam gift basket.

For your favorite PBJ aficionado, we recommend mixing it up with Massa Organics almond butter. Freshly made right here in the Bay area, this almond butter is truly delicious, and a great alternative to everyday peanut butter! We love this almond butter with our Damson Jam for a new take on an old standby.

Ok, so your friend eats a lot of jam, but is their jam accessorized? We didn’t think so. We love this chalkboard jam pot from Terrain — the perfect little container to use when serving a favorite jam flavor! Perfect for making breakfast time a little more special, or as a picture-perfect serving dish for afternoon tea.

If your friend is obsessed with Blue Chair Fruit:

Encourage your friend’s jam obsession by nudging them to make their own! The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook is the perfect resource for the fledgling jam-maker, with a thorough information section that ensures success. Once your friend learns to make their own preserves, they’ll enjoy the fruits of their labor for years to come!

Sometimes, you have to give people exactly what they want: a lot of jam. If you’re intimidated by all of our delicious jam and marmalade choices, we’ll do the hard work for you with our Jam Club! Members receive one jar each of three of our most exciting flavors every other month; this is the perfect way to provide your friend with some of the best jam and marmalade in the country!

Coming next week: gift ideas for the jam- or marmalade-maker in your life!

Gifts for the Casual Jam-Lover

The holidays are upon us, and we’d be lying if we claimed to not be excited. We’ve lovingly created a few little gift guides for you centered around jam and marmalade.

Perfect gifts for your friend who thinks jam is pretty cool, but isn’t obsessed — yet:

While we think all of our preserves are exceptional and each has its own unique application, there are some flavors that we particularly love to give as gifts. Our East Coast Blueberry Jam is perfect for someone with an unabashed sweet tooth — it’s exceptional on toast, and we find it delightful stirred in with yogurt.

We can think of no better gift for a marmalade-lover than our traditional English Marmalade. Full of thick-cut Seville oranges and spiced with bourbon and anise, this preserve exemplifies traditional marmalade at its best. For those who can never find a marmalade bitter enough, this is the perfect gift.

But, of course, there’s a big range between sweet jam and bitter marmalade. Some of our other favorite flavors to give as gifts are our Black Mission Fig Jam (perfect with cheese), Lemon-Lime Marmalade with Orange (known to convert the formerly marmalade-averse), Damson Jam (hello, PBJ sandwich!), and Early Girl Tomato Marmalade (a more adventurous choice).

A little something extra to make your gift of jam or marmalade even more enjoyable:

Few foods complement jam or marmalade better than really delicious cheese. We love Cowgirl Creamery, and their signature cheese gift pack is a perfect partner for any of our jams. Our Spiced Bourbon-Tomato Conserve would be especially good with their seasonal pepper-encrusted Devil’s Gulch cheese!

What would morning jam and toast time be without tea? Rachel is a big-time black tea devotee, and one of her favorites is Kusmi’s Troika tea. We think this is the perfect gift to let loved ones know that you think they deserve a little extra time in the morning to enjoy a delicious breakfast and a warm cup of tea!

We also love do-it-yourself gifts for the holidays. Home-made English muffins are a sweet accompaniment to a jar or two of jam! Add a bit of decorative packaging and a hand-written note to your yummy baked goods for a truly thoughtful gift that’s also easy on your wallet.

And if you’re feeling indecisive:

We always offer Blue Chair Fruit gift certificates. These are redeemable online or at our farmers’ markets, and enable the recipient to choose any flavors their heart desires!



Stay tuned for Part Two: Gifts for the Jam & Marmalade Fanatic, as well as Part Three: Gifts for the Jam-Maker in Your Life!

Weekend Flavors – November 27 + 28

Happy post-Thanksgiving! Are you as stuffed as we are?

So now that Thanksgiving’s passed, we all know what time it is: holiday chaos time. Luckily we’ve got you covered; jam and marmalade make the perfect host/ess gift for holiday parties, a few jars will conveniently fit in a stocking, The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook will make your favorite jam-maker squeal with glee, and our jams are the perfect pair for an cheese plate while entertaining. What more could you ask for?

In the spirit of the season, we have some exceptionally delicious flavors for you this weekend. We even have some Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce to help you power through leftover turkey sandwiches, although we also think it’s great to mix in with greens for a quick and easy nutritious side!

All Markets (Grand Lake 11/27, Temescal 11/28):

YUM. We’ll also have signed cookbooks with us for sale, a few of which will be gift-wrapped with our adorable wrapping paper! Let the festivities begin…

New Blue Chair Fruit Jam Flavors for Thanksgiving!

Blue Chair Fruit is excited to announce new, exciting, delicious holiday flavors, just in time for Thanksgiving! We’ve been cooking away in the kitchen to make some stellar and seasonally-appropriate preserves for all of your holiday eating needs. There’s even a special two-pack offer!

With no further ado (although these jams really do deserve all the accolades we can bestow), Blue Chair Fruit’s Holiday Season Collection:

Our two cranberry preserves are both delicious and we just can’t choose a favorite; as a result, we’re offering them to you as a Thanksgiving Cranberry Two-Pack, for a special price of $22! We think Thanksgiving is all about eating as many cranberries as possible, and this is our way of helping you accomplish that goal. Tart Thanksgiving Cranberry Sauce plus sweet Cranberry Jam with Pluot & Vanilla is the perfect combination to keep all for yourself or to generously share with your Thanksgiving host or hostess.

We are also excited to announce the return of the much-requested, very loved Spiced Bourbon-Tomato Conserve! This may be our best batch yet, and its spiced accents are perfect for this time of year.

And although we say it often, we think all of these new flavors really warrant our using our favorite phrase: YUM!!!

Marmalade Making 101

In this four-hour introductory class, Rachel will take you through the marmalade making process from start to finish. We will cook four different marmalades, two versions each of two different seasonal flavors, enabling you to understand some of the different factors affecting the finished product. The class starts with a marmalade tasting and discussion, then proceeds to the cooking process. Our goal will be to give you the skills you need to create your own basic marmalades at home! Sign up for classes here.

Market Flavors 11/13 + 14

Mmm, we have a little bit of everything for the markets this week! Just as we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving time, we thought we’d bring out some of our summertime favorites — like Golden Sweet Apricot Jam. There’s still a little time to reminisce about summer before jumping into the holidays, right?

Market Flavors for Grand Lake (11/13) & Temescal (11/14):

  • Golden Sweet Apricot Jam
  • Lemon Marmalade
  • Strawberry-Meyer Lemon Jam or Strawberry-Blood Orange Jam
  • Seville Orange Marmalade with Vanilla & Muscovado
  • Black Mission Fig Jam with Cardamom & Coffee
  • Blood Orange-Quince Preserves with Rose
  • Early Summer Peach Jam
  • Gingered Tomato-Nectarine Jam