Say “Hello” to Strawberries!

Our first jam of the season is here: Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam!

The start of strawberry season is always a game of patience as we wait for the most luscious strawberries to come to market. When those strawberries hit their stride, our kitchen is transformed. There’s nothing like the sweet smell of strawberry jam cooking! These handsome red berries are resplendent on their own, and we always love to accentuate their playfulness with an exotic spice: pink peppercorns. Possessing a ton of flavor and very little heat, pink peppercorns amp up the convivial side of Spring’s first fruit. Have you been eagerly awaiting strawberries’ arrival, too? Our Strawberry-Pink Peppercorn Jam is now available online! There’s no better partner for ricotta on toast, and a spoonful or two will brighten up your morning yogurt. We promise this jam will put a spring in your step!

Take a peek inside our strawberry-filled kitchen:

Rhubarb Jam is Here!

The arrival of rhubarb heralds the beginning of Spring; its vibrant red stalks offer the first hints of color after a long winter, and its sassy sour flavor helps energize foggy days.

We’re never patient awaiting the return of rhubarb, as it marks the official beginning of jam season. This year is no different. Our first jam of the year,¬†Rhubarb Jam with Plum Brandy & Ginger emphasizes our favorite aspects of rhubarb: Of course, its supreme tartness, accented with plum brandy, and we couldn’t resist incorporating a few handfuls of candied ginger to add an extra zip. Grated apples meld perfectly with rhubarb for a tart bite and the hottest pink jam we’ve ever made!

In order to fully encapsulate the personality of rhubarb, we cut the stalks into very large pieces; this ensures that the finished jam offers glimpses of fresh rhubarb. We delight in cooking this jam, watching stalks of rhubarb break down and shift from bright red to hot pink as the jam cooks.

We’ve been enjoying this beautiful jam on our morning¬†toast, spread on pound cake, or paired with whole wheat scones. Kate was moved to incorporate them into the jam straws you see above! We can think of no better way to celebrate the arrival of Spring than with this truly delightful preserve full of the personality of rhubarb!