Eat Real Fest 2011

Our favorite time of the year is here – Eat Real Fest! We are SO excited to spend the weekend demoing, offering craft collaborations with some of our favorite artisan food makers, selling jam, and eating.

We’ll be represented at Eat Real Fest on Friday night through a jam cocktail – our Bergamot Marmalade to be more specific! Be sure to check out the Jam Bar at 4pm to try for yourself.

On Saturday, the Blue Chair Fruit team will be sampling and selling our jams all day. For a limited time starting at 11am, our craft collaboration with Starter Bakery will be available: jam and croissants! These are sure to go quickly, so show up early! And at 2pm, Rachel will be demoing cooking with jam, pairing with Blossom Bluff (who gives us our favorite stone fruit) and pastry chef Michele Polzine.

Sunday holds more goodies, and we’re so excited to pair up with our favorite bread maker, Mike the Bejkr. We LOVE his bread and can’t wait to pair it with our jam. This offering starts at 1:30pm, and you won’t want to miss it! Of course, we’ll be offering our favorite jams for sale on Sunday as well.

We’ll even be debuting a special new jam this weekend made from the mystery fruit posted below. We’re crazy for its summery flavor. Curious about what it is? You’ll have to come by Eat Real Fest to find out!

3 Classic Jam Pairings

The most frequent questions we receive (other than “What’s the difference between jam and marmalade?“) are from people wondering how one enjoys jam or marmalade other than on toast — or maybe on scones at teatime. While there is surely no better start to the morning than your favorite jam on toast, preserves have myriad applications beyond bread or baked goods!

How to Enjoy Jam in a Healthy Breakfast

Morning oatmeal is a fiber-filled way to begin the day. We’ve come to love our morning oatmeal with a generous helping of our Cranberry Jam with Pluots & Vanilla. Whole cranberries add a delightful tartness to this wholesome breakfast, while pluots help add a bit of necessary sweetness. While this combination is fantastic with steel-cut oats, it’s a fantastic way to take quick-cook oats from so-so to stellar.

Why Jam Has Its Place at Lunchtime

Who says jam needs to have only sweet applications? One of our favorite lunches is a grilled cheese sandwich — with Spiced Bourbon-Tomato Conserve. Tomatoes add a bit of sweetness to complement your favorite cheese (we love a nice sharp cheddar), and the added candied ginger in this conserve brings a bit of surprise. An easy way to take your sandwich to an entirely different level!

How to Make a Quick and Easy Jam Dessert

Rachel in particular really loves this next one: tasty toast with a smear of ricotta and a dollop (or two) of Strawberry-Rose Jam. Add a few twists of black pepper and you have a light, sophisticated snack. YUM.

What unique and non-traditional jam or marmalade pairings have you been enjoying lately?