Sara Remington Interview

Check out this amazing interview with our favorite photographer, Sara Remington:

We were lucky enough to have Sara as our photographer for The Blue Chair Jam Cookbook, and every single image in the book is absolutely stunning. Some of her photos are also featured on the postcards we hand out at our farmers’ market stands. We can’t tell you how frequently people comment on the gorgeous photography and ask to take a card to display in their home!

The whole interview’s great, and we especially what Sara has to say about the stories food can tell:

I don’t want my photos to just be another pretty image. I want them to have personality and tell a story.

Take this peach. I want you to think about where it was grown, when it was picked, and how it might taste. And I want it to evoke memories of, say, when you were a child and your mom made peach cobbler, or the feeling of peach juice running down your face, or a summer you loved, or picking fresh fruit from a farm, or whatever the fruit brings to mind.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Please click here for more of Sara Remington’s beautiful work.