17 West Point football players accused in the cheating scandal are still allowed to play in a bowl game

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Some of the gamers played in the last 3 games, despite being linked in the unfaithful activity, which undergoes a continuous investigation, a West Point official told Insider in a statement. The USA Today reported the players’ inclusion in the investigation.

West Point superintendent Lt. Gen. Darryl Williams said in an October memorandum that the college’s plan on professional athletes that broke its honour code was unfair. The plan preventing cadets from performing at public showing off events was suspended, and a possible penalty is expected to be administered in January.

In a letter sent to institution personnel on Wednesday and seen by USA Today, Williams said, “I own this unfaithful case” which “these Cadets selected the less complicated incorrect over, the more challenging right.”

West Point’s football team, the Black Knights, have had a notable 9-2 period that consisted of a 15-0 win against their rival, the United States Naval Academy, in the colleges’ annual video game in December.

The final test was provided virtually in May due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The substantial bulk of trainees accused of cheating are first-year cadets.

” We really did not terminate the penalty,” spokesperson Lt. Col. Christopher. Ophardt told USA Today. “We delayed it till the last adjudication.”

In 1951, over 30 West Point football players were implicated in one more unfaithful detraction, according to the The New York Times.

Twenty-four of the 73 West Point cadets accused of cheating on the last exam are football gamers. Also, 17 of them will still play in the Liberty Bowl against West Virginia on Thursday; the academy validated on Wednesday.

West Point’s honour code reads, “A cadet will not exist, rip off, swipe, or endure those who do.”

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