Can Digital Marketing Benefit The Sports Industry? At Mandreel They Have The Answer

In recent years, a thought has been created around sports, where it is believed, that sports, especially sports figures, are now a kind of brand. However, it is important first to define the concept of the brand. Agencies such as, define the concept of the brand as a set of things that allow one to know the identity of a certain company.

In this way, it is possible to learn about the values, products, and services of that brand. On the other hand, brands can be something real that at the same time implies things and actions. Likewise, brands can also be seen as something emotional that appeals to feelings and sensations.

From this concept, a matrix of thinking about sport and branding is built. Currently, this is known as “sports branding” and within it, the sport or athlete is complemented by the feeling of identification that people feel with that sport or athlete.

How is sports branding composed?

Sports branding is composed of 3 basic pillars.

  • What the company, sports club, or sports team does
  • How the sports team exercises its actions and operations
  • And what their actions or operations mean to people. That is, how their actions are perceived by the fanatics.

An example of this can be seen in a basketball team. A basketball team is composed of an administrative structure and a sports structure. The team plays basketball, and as in any company, basketball can be considered as the product of the team (company).

Sports branding and emotions

However, sports branding must bear the responsibility of managing the values that represent the sports team and all the passions it awakens in the members that make it up, as well as in the people or fans who love the team.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that this guideline is also valid for those athletes who compete in individual sports. Sports branding is valid for any type of sport.

Considerations to take into account

Agencies like Mandreel, or branding experts should take into account some considerations before building a sports brand. Below we are going to list some of them.

  • Sports performance is the most important thing. It is essential to know how to manage sports results that occur during sports events. Just as sports results can raise the spirits and emotions of fans, they can also make them sad. For this reason, it is of vital importance to correctly manage sports results.
  • It is essential to know how to protect the values that identify the athlete or the sports team. For experts or agencies like Mandreel, social success is directly linked to pride and personal identification. Therefore, it is easy to transmit values, wrongly corrupted, to fans and this can damage the “brand”.
  • Once the issue of social success has been clarified, it is important to protect commercial success, as both are mutually influential. Commercial success is achieved through subscriptions, tickets, and any item that is related to the team, which fans pay for with pleasure.
  • Finally, it is found in financial success, which is “invisible” to fans but is the goal that any sports brand sets out to achieve.

In agencies like, you can find groups of professionals who are trained in the area of marketing, branding, and public relations that not only base their strategies on these considerations, but also on other elements that are vital to developing a coherent and effective sports branding.

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